Yust: The Place to Eat and Sleep in Antwerp

Whether you’re looking for a place to sleep (within an interesting price range), to stay, to eat, to drink or to meet new people in Antwerp, Yust is where you need to be. This multifunctional hotspot, located near Brouwerij de Koninck, only recently opened its doors and it already became one of our favorite places.


A room in the hotel can be booked from 19€ per night (for a bunk bed in the dorm). If you prefer more luxury, also several types of private rooms are part of the offer. For a longer stay, you can even rent a loft. In need of food, drinks or company? Simply head to the bar, restaurant for a delicious meal or drinks. This is the place where everyone gathers so you never know which wonderful soul you’ll meet.


Have a look at the options via: www.yust.com


Yust – Coveliersstraat 2, 2600 Antwerp

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