Rise & shine with Floom

Most of the time we tend to forget that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We’re busy, we’re stressed, we got up late and so we just leave the house without eating anything decent. And with anything decent it wasn’t a croissant we had on top of our minds. So we sent our Fresh food specialist Mayken on the road to do a little research and she came back with a great online muesli and granola service called Floom.

Floom is a small Belgian company that produces 100% organic mueslis and granolas. All products can be ordered online by subscribing to a weekly home delivery. You can choose between two granolas, muesli and there even is a gluten free option. And another advantage, no more refined sugars and saturated fats in your breakfast, everything is made with coconut oil and agave syrup!

More info: www.floom.be

Credits photos: www.floom.be


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