New in Town: Takumi Ramen, the Typical Japanese Snack Bar

We don’t know about you but we’re totally addicted to this culinary delight. Whoever thought that the Japanese only eat sushi, guess again. Since ramen are much cheaper than fresh fish, this dish wins the popularity contest. The past years also Europeans got attached to this famous Japanese noodle soup.


Takumi Ramen got launched in 2007 by entrepreneur Haruhiko Saeki and has establishments in Germany, the Netherlands and Spain. In each restaurant the concept is more or less the same. You can choose out of 3 different kinds of ramen and of course several other options. Because of its popularity, it’s better to make a reservation before you plan on having lunch or dinner at the Takumi Ramen Kitchen.


Takumi Ramen, Marnixplaats 10, 2000 Antwerp

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