De Helden van het Echte Eten

Supermarkets pamper us every day with an ever-expanding offer of food. We’re so used to finding everything edible that pops up in our heads year-round and in one and the same place that we tend to think no further. When we do though, we come across many questions. Where does all this food come from? Are there any better alternatives, and who produces those?

Barbara Serulus and Johanna Goyvaerts of the food collective Alle Dagen Honger have taken these questions to heart and shaped their quest for real food into a book. De Helden van het Echte Eten portrays small-scale food artisans who invest all their knowledge and craftsmanship into making the tastiest bread, the most sustainable fish and the perfect sausage. Prepare for a fascinating trip through forests, seas, cellars and workshops. Are you hungry yet? Then follow one of the girls’ surprisingly simple recipes to put some real food on your own dinner table!

De Helden van het Echte Eten can be found in most bookstores or via the website of publisher Luster. With beautiful photographs by Senne van der Ven, illustrations by Mayken Craenen and book design by Stef Cuypers.


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