Designed in Belgium, Serax!

Sometimes some sort of nationalism emerges within us and we become very proud of the “designed in Belgium” label! That definitely is the case with Serax, an Antwerp based company specialized in all kinds of interior objects going from sets of dishes to small furniture.

We can’t get enough of their little candleholders and those fantastic scent sticks. They do not only smell good, also the design is just simply perfect. A wise man once said: “what’s important is less the container than the contents” and we totally agree. Only in this case we have to admit that the exterior kind of sealed the deal. And the fact that such nice products are designed in our little country makes it even a little bit more special.


Danish design: meet Hskjalmp

Winter equals conviviality and what’s a better way to create a cosy atmosphere than to add a few items to your interior and to light some candles! Since we’re no big fans of over-the-top decoration, we’re glad that we bumped into Danish brand Hskjalmp. For 60 years already, the company launches every 6 months a new innovative collection of products keeping the international trends in mind. All articles are made of high quality natural materials, consistently preserving the Scandinavian look.

The winter ’14 – ’15 collection contains a lot of gold, silver, copper, marble and wood combined with both deep colors such as teal, blue and pastels. It’s the perfect mix between simple Scandinavian design and cosy decoration, we like!


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